Intellectual property Events and Experiences have been born out of our Inherent Passion of an IDEA to create a Brand out of an event.

Brands such as G-shock, Tata Housing, DC Shoes, Nerolac Paints, Lotto etc have piggy banked on our Intellectual Property to reach their end customer.

Experiences by the Event participants like Skateboarders, Bmxers, Graffiti artistes etc go on to be a memory which they cherish.

Case Studies

  • IEN

  • Indian Extreme Nationals was India’s 1st official nationals for skateboarding and BMX under the banner of Asian Extreme sports Federation to be conducted in Mumbai in the month of November.
  • From the venue management to stage ramp buildup to athlete shortlisting to technicals was managed by Brand Promotions.

  • Wallbook

  • Wallbook is an initiative towards transforming the dirty & unkempt walls of the city streets into beautiful pieces of ART while involving the community & create awareness about various pressing social issues.
  • We bring amateur & professional artists to visualize their thoughts and create beautiful paintings on the unkempt walls on various social themes.
  • The resultant beautified wall is a showcase of community art and a pocket of cleanliness.