Love what you do and do what you love, that’s our mantra.

Sports management is a sub field of Event management, it has been our first love and managing them is what we love doing. We conduct Trials, Competitions, Selections, Tournamants, Matches, Challenges, etc for Professionals, Corporate and Colleges. Sports Association and own Intellectual Propety sports has been our Antidote which keeps us going.

Case Studies

  • Buste Mania

Bustlemania – A battleground for B-boying, BMX and skateboarding artists. Bringing sports, dance, art and music together. This event saw B-boying, Skateboarding, BMX stunts, Graffiti, and DJ. An encompassed complete entertainment of high voltage and electrifying acts.

  • Futsal

Futsal trials for National team were conducted across the country to have the best players in the Indian Futsal team who can represent India for the international game. Brand Sports conducted the trials which was played by approximately 200 players in each city.

  • Runswimrun

Brand Promotions Curated, Managed, Produced and Hosted India’s first Run – Swim – Run world UIPM tour, which is a part of Modern pentathlon and is an Olympic sport. From Players to Production, to technical, end to end was managed and hosted in Goa in the month of December 2017

  • Xbus

We have developed a one of its kind Asia’s largest mobile extreme sports ramp called the XBUS. The mobile format allows us to take the sport to audiences across the country, increasing the number of people reached and events carried. Currently the XBUS is touring across schools and mall venues in India.